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broken glass dream interpretation

Dreams Interpretation / April 16, 2018

Dreams are a funny thing, to help you interpret the meaning, you need to ask yourself what seeing broken glass means to you initially. Was it from a jar, a windshield, or a windowpane in a house? Danger? Loss? Does broken glass make you feel like something was prematurely halted? Also was this indicating something to you in the dream or does broken glass have a very symbolic meaning for you?

I'll assume three things:
1) your dream is vivid enough that your dream is highly focused on glass;
2) Your dream has occurred more than once or was experienced in a single time with such emotional tension that it is very much in your waking mind; 3) (This is me assuming, so bear with me) The broken glass is serving as a symbol for something that is deeply rooted in you.

So in one "interpretation", you are feeling that this broken glass is a symbol of something that was broken that should not have been. Or perhaps you have a sense of fragility in your conscious life and you are subconsciously comparing it to broken glass- that you feel broken. The variables are entirely built on how seeing and experience the glass being broken felt to you. One thing that I've tried that helps me understand a dream is to take a sheet of paper, think of the memory of that dream and write down the words that come to mind without editing yourself. Write down your feeling on seeing it and how it's affecting you.

Much of dream interpretation seems to depends on the dreamer. While there are many somewhat universal things in dreams (Stuck running in slow motion, falling, meeting dead loved ones, etc.) among many people, there is no hard definition where "this symbol is exactly this."

Source: www.quora.com