What Dreams About Zombies, the Apocalypse, and the Walking Dead

Dream interpretation Apocalypse

Dreams Interpretation / June 23, 2017

Last night the world came to an end. At least the world as I know it in Los Angeles. From my vantage point fairly high up in the eastern hills of the LA basin, I could see the mushroom cloud erupt into destruction, off in the distance. My first thought was that I was far away enough so that at least I wouldn’t be killed by the blast itself. As I began to wonder about the aftermath of radiation poisoning and how long it might take for that to kill me, I saw that there were more nuclear blasts occurring, and each one was getting closer.

Now this was a lucid dream, meaning I was aware that I was dreaming. But it was also a dream within a dream. In my awareness that I was asleep and dreaming of the end of days, where I thought I was asleep was in the house where I was witnessing all of this destruction. Sleeping in another bed was one of my oldest friends in the world and as long as he remained asleep, I knew that I was at least somewhat safe, because this was, after all, just a dream. That being said, I was really hoping to wake up and wake up soon.

When I finally did wake up for real, I was very confused because the layers of the dream within a dream were pretty powerful. Once I got my bearings, I had a disturbing thought. Had I included the apocalyptic dream as a term in my new dictionary, Dream Sight? I stumbled into the other room to check and when I saw that indeed I hadn’t, I felt a momentary sense of embarrassment. How could I have forgotten such an important dream image, probably a standard in every dream dictionary ever written? One reason was that I had never had one before. And for whatever reason when I had been polling my friends, acquaintances and clients for ideas over the past several years while writing terms, no one had suggested it.

I have, of course, had the opportunity to interpret such an image for others on many occasions. Endings are beginnings. Death is always followed by a rebirth of some kind. An apocalyptic dream where your world is literally coming to an end is a very good news dream indeed. It means that change is afoot and the nature of that change is so enormous, it implies that your entire world is potentially being restructured.

Now, this process is not always comfortable. In my case, there is no doubt that the world that is coming to an end in my life and the new world that will inevitably follow connects to the fact that I’ve just published Dream Sight and am about to get back to working on my next book called “Not Just A Dream: A Parent’s Guide for Interpreting Children’s Dreams.” The past year was so engrossing with one project and I am in the process of shifting my consciousness to the next. Truly, my world has just come to an end and a new one is just beginning.

Source: www.dreaminginterpretation.com