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Telegram stickers in dreams interpretation

Dreams Interpretation / January 26, 2018

Telegram is a popular instant messenger created by Pavel Durov in 2013. The first launch was carried out in August. Since then, the number of followers has grown to 100 million people. It is scandalous and the most notorious instant messenger of recent years that you can use on different platforms.

There are lots of different stickers for telegram (https://inthegram.net/stickers). Stickers for Telegrams are small images that you can send in chat. Usually they convey any emotion or just a fun. InTheGram.net offers great variety of fantastic stickers. You can get some stickers from this popular telegram channel easily.

A characteristic feature of the sticker is “no background” this creates the illusion of the sticker. These stickers have the other messengers, but they are not always free and sometimes are not very comfortable. Telegram gives the opportunity to create stickers and to add them to the messenger in its best traditions, so their number and variety is constantly increasing.

Many people associate with stickers colored paper, glued to the table that reminds you of important things like "Wash my cat at 9, go to the doctor at 8.30". In fact it is not very far from the truth. Of course, modern stickers do not carry lots of useful functions, but they are so funny!

Today it's a real trend. It got to the point that professional artists began to draw the stickers. The main difference between Telegram stickers are the highest quality of drawing and emotion group. These requirements were pointed out by the creator of Telegram Pavel Durov when he organized a competition to create stickers with a prize fund of 10 000 $. The competition was launched in 2014 and since then the collection has replenished with thousands of gorgeous pictures.