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dream interpretation catching fish with hands

Fish / September 22, 2017

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a fish generally portrays your character’s emotional side. Every fish has its separate meaning. Dreaming of a pink or Salmon fish generally means that some important experiences are going to be felt by you in future. Dreaming of a white fish states that positive things are coming in your way.

Such a dream also has astrological connections as it is connected to Pisces sun sign, wherein you get to see two fish swimming, close together. This is an important symbol as the two fish are totally opposite to each other. Depending on this interpretation, such a dream states that your personality has two aspects, and there is a requirement to enhance your self-image. Eating fish dreams, including the chips and fish, represent progress coming in your way in future. Catching fish dream represents an idea that will give you financial independence.

Flying fish dream indicates that you can easily overcome if any difficulty occurs in your way. Dreaming of a fisherman states that you should take out some time to relax and take rest from your schedule. In the dream if fish is being caught by the fisherman, there is an indication that you must deal with others patiently.

Fishing and then eating the fish dreams indicate that either someone in your family or the group of friends is suffering or will suffer from a non curable illness; but this can also indicate accident. Dreaming of killing a fish indicates that you’ll be defeating a few of the enemies.

Fish generally indicates that you are sick with your life, and it states that you are restless about something in your life. In a dream, if you catch a fish from a very dirty late, it means that you are going to face some difficulties in your business, caused by someone important. If you see colored fish in your dream, it means the ill people will be healed. Buying fish dreams refer to illness as well as greed. If you see a boiled fish in your dream, it means loss, whereas if you see heavy fish, it indicates danger. If you try to catch the fish with your hands, it indicates emotional illusions. If you see fish in the water stream, it indicates that offspring shall come in your life, soon. If you see the fish swimming at the surface, it indicates richness and wealth whereas if you see the fish at the bottom of the water, it indicates danger.

If you catch a large fish in your dream, it indicates joy, triumph and luck; however, if you dream of catching it by your bare hands, it indicates accusations and gossips. Using a fishing line to catch a fish in your dream represents jumbling of words that are meaningless.

Dreaming of eating the fish is a sign of stable income or winning the ticket of lottery. If you pet a fish in your dream, it indicates that you will meet easy women that will get prejudices along with them. Dead fish in lot indicates depression, feeling of being lonely, poor hope, and that treacherous people can follow you.


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