Teeth Falling Out Dream

Teeth falling out dream christian interpretation

Teeth / February 26, 2017

Depending on the context of the dream, teeth falling out means:

1. That you are losing your boldness. You are allowing things like political correctness to stop you from spreading the good news of the gospel truth: Jesus is God in the flesh, and saves us from our sins. Because of whatever reason, your failure to speak out against sin is shown in that your words are losing their "bite".

2. Your words are too sharp, and cause people to turn away from the salvation in Christ. Because you are counting your boldness as righteous, you are giving in to pride, and this is a warning from God to tone it down or He will do it for you. Being bold is great, but tact goes a long way.

This is a balancing act, and in whatever context this is used in a dream shows you that your words are either too sweet, or not sweet enough. You don't have to water-down what God says, but you also don't have to make things up in order to scare people into believing.

God wants people to believe Him because they love Him. Help people get to know God, don't threaten them! Don't cave in to validating their sinful life as an alternative for forgiveness of those sins, either.

Source: hubpages.com