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Are dream interpretations real

Dreams Interpretation / April 5, 2019

Let’s start by debunking a myth about dream meanings:

Myth: Dreams are random collections of images that are seen throughout the day. They have no meaning and no purpose. Dreams are simply your brain’s way of “emptying the trash” at night.

Fact: Dreams do have meaning. They are messages from your Higher Self (or subconscious mind) and their purpose is to communicate with you. Dreams originate from within you and they are designed to bring some aspect of your sub-consciousness into conscious awareness.

As Freud put it: Dreams are like letters from yourself to yourself.

The dream is real, my friends. The failure to realize it is the only reality. – Toni Cade Bambara

Dreams Have Meaning

Of course, the position of this website is that dreams do in fact have meaning: The Dream World is as “real” as the waking world and dreams communicate important information to your conscious awareness.

The trouble, for most people, comes when you attempt to decipher your dream meanings – to the untrained dreamer, dreams can seem difficult to interpret. They might appear to be random collections of images, events, and feelings, but actually, they are full of information for you.

One caveat to understanding dream meanings is this: You get what you believe.

If you have a strong belief that dreams are random images and have no meaning whatsoever – that’s what you’re going to experience.

On the other hand, if you believe that dreams carry a wealth of information from your Higher Self or subconscious mind, then you will experience that transmission of information. If you also believe that you can use the wisdom contained within your dreams to improve your life – you will find this to be true as well.

As Henry Ford said: Believe you can, or believe you can’t – either way, you’re right.

Dream Meanings: Letters from Yourself

You are a powerful being, endowed with infinite wisdom. You are connected to everyone and everything that has ever or will ever exist. You know what’s good for you and others and what will hurt you. You can create whatever you desire. And the best part about it is this: You already have everything you need.

I’m not just saying that, it’s the truth. It’s as true for you and me as it is for everyone on the planet.

Now, if this is a new concept for you, it might seem daunting. You might say to yourself, “If I’m such a powerful being, why aren’t I living my dream life?”

And that’s a good question to ask yourself.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret: You do have access to all that wisdom. Your Higher Self (subconscious mind) has access to everything, all the time. The problem is that you can’t make use of all that wisdom if you’re not aware of what it is.

That’s where dreams come in.

One way that your Higher Self communicates with you is through your dreams. By paying attention to the content of your dreams, you will have access to volumes of wisdom designed specifically for you.

It really is like getting a letter from yourself (Higher Self, subconscious mind) to conscious self.

Just like you have to know how to read English (or German, French, Chinese…) to understand a letter from your best friend, you also have to know how to “read” your dreams to understand your dream meanings.

The good news is that since dreams are symbolic and designed to communicate directly with you – it’s easy to learn the language of your dreams. And this website is designed to help you.

Learn what your dreams are communicating and you will never encounter a problem that can’t be solved. You’ll never lack for creative inspiration. You’ll bring into manifestation exactly the powerful being you truly are.

Final Thoughts

So to answer our initial question, Are dream meanings real? Yes! They are. Dreams carry a wealth of information pertaining to you and your life. If you aren’t yet versed in the often confusing and symbolic language in which your dreams communicate, you might not understand their meanings, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Source: amycope.com