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Teeth / February 15, 2018

Fictional man giving interpretation of teeth dreamsHere’s a detailed list of all different types of dreams about teeth and their interpretation.

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Contemporary dream interpretations

Teeth are symbols rich in meaning. Here are the most commonly accepted interpretations. Teeth in dreams represent:

  • Transition times
  • Personal growth and challenging your limits
  • Self-confidence and strength
  • Self-expression and personal nourishment
  • Courage and assertiveness – or lack of it
  • Concerns about self-image and attractiveness

Simple interpretation techniques

Here are 3 simple steps to analyze your dream. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you feel in the dream?
  2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?
  3. Why would you mind if you would… Here, fill in the blank with the scenario of your teeth dream; for instance, a dream where you lose your teeth, break a tooth, etc.

1. How do you feel in the dream?

Ask yourself how you feel in the dream. Pay special attention to your experience or feelings, especially when something happened to your teeth.

Dream Interpretation Tip: Connecting with the raw feeling, impressions, sensations or even fleeting emotion or images can help extracting more meaning out of the dream content. You can take note in writing or mentally and go to the next dream interpretation step.

2. How does the feeling in the dream relate to your current life?

Are there any connections between these feelings and impressions or feelings you may have in your everyday life?

Here’s a key point in interpreting dreams: Strong dream symbols tend to show up when an event or a situation in the dreamer’s life triggers intense emotions. Check what’s happening in your life right now that may be related how you felt in the dream.

More specifically, look for moments where things are shifting or changing dramatically in your life; making compromises that are not completely satisfying for you; facing choices that are hard to bear or make; expressing yourself with assertiveness or lack thereof.

3. What do the dream symbols mean to you personally?

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