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Dreams Interpretation / July 8, 2017

Cockroach dreams may have one or several of the following

3 Common Symbolic Meanings of Cockroach Dreams

(from most to least common).

1. Uncleanness.

Many (most) of us view cockroaches as dirty creatures. Moreover, it is not only themselves who are considered unclean, but the whole place where they live. Our feelings to these crawlers might even be . That's why you don't even need to be consicuously to experience the aversion.

In this sense, cockroaches might symbolize some dirty, "subhuman" thoughts or personality traits that are spoiling your whole inner world. Due to their small size and ability to hide, these aspects don't manifest themselves openly during the day (both literally and metaphorically). But this, together with their numerosity and fertility, makes them even more dangerous for your spiritual health.

2. Resilience.

Cockroaches are one of the in the world. They might be among the last ones that will creep this Earth after all the others disappear. Even if this latter fact is not known to you, their ability to evade and survive any means of extermination, however highly technological, is legendary.

This symbolic meaning can go by itself, pointing at some stubborn (and, again, instinctive) part of your personality that you cannot exterminate. But it can also go along with the first meaning, underlining both impurity and invincibility. In this case, they might symbolize those aspects that you've been trying to unsuccessfully cope with for a long time.

3. Facing the reality.

This meaning comes from the slang term "roach" meaning the end of a cigarette (or a marijuana joint). Different smokers have different attitudes to this final bit. But in the most common case it symbolically means the last mile of pleasure before you facing the reality (that one tries to escape by smoking).

If referring to a marijuana joint, this might have a variety of additional symbolic meanings associated with drug intoxication itself — but this is a subject for a whole different (and oh so lengthy) discussion.

To conclude:

Here are a few open questions to make you better understand your own feelings and thus choose among one of the above — or maybe a totally different — interpretation of your cockroach dream:

  • How many of cockroaches were there?
  • Have they been there for a long time?
  • Did you feel aversed to them?
  • Did you try to exterminate them?
  • Were they aggressive?
  • Was the setting dirty?
  • Did it look apocalyptic?
  • Did it look unreal?
  • Was it indoors or outdoors?

Hope this helps — and feel free to ask for a personal interpretation if you want to have someone help you bring order to the complicated dream messages and translate them to actionable insights.