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Dream interpretation big old house

House / July 14, 2017

Dreaming of a house indicates the many facets of yourself and the experiences you have had during your waking life. Dreaming about the rooms in a house can relate to different characteristics of an individual’s personality. When analyzing the house in your dream, try to remember the condition it was in, how everything in it was arranged and how you felt being in each room. For example was the room disorganized, messy, tidy or unfamiliar? Dreaming of other sections in a house may represent something specific that is bothering you, or it may reveal some overall concerns you are having. Pay attention to all of the details in your dreams and you will definitely learn and uncover more about yourself.

Strange Rooms: If you enter a strange room in your dream with various people, known and unknown, this could be a warning to be careful in starting up any new relationships. You may also dream that you are in your own house, but open a door and you are in a completely different environment. For example, you start out in your bedroom, but when you leave the room, you are in a hotel lobby going toward an escalator. This could be an indication that you are longing for a place in your life that you had fond memories of or that you are looking forward to making a change in your life.

Elegant and Well Furnished Room: This might be symbolic of your internal desire for instant monetary fortune.

Empty or Poorly Designed Room: This may indicate some problems resulting from business or personal dealings.

Dark, Tiny Room: This may suggest that you have been trapped or have a need to flee from a corrupt exploit.

Haunted: A haunted house can symbolize repressed emotions or that you need to address unresolved emotional matters or disputes that have taken place either recently or earlier in your life. Seeing a ghost in the house may be a heartfelt visit from a loved one who has passed or be a good omen of something to come. However, do not disregard any negative messages you receive from them. They may be warnings about a relationship or business venture you are about to undertake.

Childhood Home: Dreaming about a home you grew up in may represent your feelings toward family, characteristics you had during childhood, unfinished business or that you are tackling a current problem as you would have done in the past. This can also represent a possible need to reconnect with family.

Unknown House: This could represent parts of yourself that you have repressed.

Specific Rooms

Attic: This room may represent a place where you can release emotions that you have been holding in for some time. It might also convey your need to deal with memories from the past. Items that are stored in the attic represent fears and discouragements that have led you away from achieving all of your highest goals.