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Dream interpretation clear water

Water / May 16, 2018

artworks-000042987534-b7yn1k-originalWater Symbolism:

Water as a dream symbol holds a very important message to the dreamer that is unveiled to the conscious via unconscious. Water can be interpreted differently due to the content and nature of the dream. Understanding the color, location and mood of the water dream can all influence the meaning. Water for the most part touches on the dreamers inner emotional state of mind. Like most people who might not understand their emotions very well, water can mimic our emotions we might be feeling or repressing. Water can hold both positive and negative rolls for the dreamer and understanding it can help you mentally in your walking life.

Water Colors:

Clear Water – This is a positive dream symbol that lets you know your emotions are clear. Depending who and what is around you in the dream might indicate to your feelings to them.

Brown/Murky – If you are unable to see clearly it might suggest emotional difficulties. Your thoughts might be controlling how you feel about the situation. Try to be more positive.

Dark Blue – If the color is very dark suggests unconscious emotions that could be heavy and deep. How you feel being in the water shows how comfortable you are with your emotional depth.

Red – This symbol suggest anger or passion. This is a very strong color that brings out the dreamers inner feelings.

Muddy – Your emotions are thick and you need to remove the heaviness in your life.

Water Dreams Meanings:

Splashed – This is a dream symbol where you unconscious is telling you to wake up! Get back on track with your life and stop stalling.

Water is Boiling/Hot – Means your emotions are running high and you need to let of some steam. You might have reached your boiling point in a current situation. If you are burnt by the water it means that you are going to suffer if you boil up your emotions.… You must relax and take your time.

Listening to Water – Listening to water in your dream denotes time for reflection and peace with your thoughts and emotions.

Walking on Water – Means you at the top of your emotions and you have complete control. You might also have some hidden qualities.

Tsunami – This scary dream means you are unable to deal with a powerful force that’s out of your control. Tsunami dreams indicate that your at your emotional capacity on how you might emotionally deal with a up coming situation. Sometimes this can be a force that is out of our control, and we have to brace for protection. This symbol can also mean an unconscious shift due to repression that all the emotions will erupt . How you feel and act in the dream will suggest how you will handle this issue.